BKC Insurance | Report Insurance Claim
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Report Insurance Claim

Report Insurance Claim


To report an insurance claim, please call us directly!

Call (231) 627-4381 or (800) 382-2766
Hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

After hours you can reach the insurance company directly to report your claim and an adjuster will be in contact with you.

After Hours Emergency Contact – Select Company Below

Accident Fund Insurance

Severe Injuries Needing Immediate Claim Number Call: 866-206-5851
All Other Claims 24/7: http://www.accidentfund.com/public/claims/
Email 24/7: ClaimsExpress@accidentfund.com
Fax: 866-814-5595

Auto Owners Insurance

For Claims: http://www.auto-owners.com/customer-claims#.V40H3PkrKM8
All claims: 888-252-4626

Cincinnati Insurance

For Claims: http://www.cinfin.com/claims
Claims: 877-242-2544
Worker Compensation claims: 877-242-2544
Life, Annuity and Disability Claims: 888-212-6970

Hanover Insurance

Call 800-628-0250
Direct Loss Reporting: http://www.hanover.com
or Fax to:
Worcester – 800-399-4734
Michigan – 888-663-2144
WC – 800-762-7788


Call 1-800-226-3224
Online www.fcci-group.com
Email newclaim@fcci-group.com

Foremost Insurance Group

HelpPoint® Claim Services

After Hours Emergency Contact
Submit Online: https://secure.fmins.com/PI_index.asp

Fremont Insurance

Call 800-550-0325
For Claims: https://www.fmic.com/
Work Comp Claims Call Direct: 888-298-9043

Michigan Millers Insurance

Call 877-858-5361
For Claims: https://www.mimillers.com/Claims/ClaimsPage.aspx

North Pointe Insurance

For Claims: http://www.npic.com/kreportclaims.html
Call Toll Free: 800.229.6742
Workers’ Compensation Claims
Toll Free: 800.229.6742 | Fax: 248.436.3282 | E-mail: wc-claim-report@npic.com
Equine Claims: 800.892.9369
Flood Claims 877.254.6819 OR Fax: 406.436.3913
Hurricane/Tropical Storm Claims: 800.910.1104
Email Claims: reportclaims@npic.com

Progressive Insurance

For Claims: http://www.progressive.com/claims/
1-800-776-4737 ext. 7483

Westfield Group

New Claims 24 hour: 866-937-2663
For Claims: http://www.westfieldinsurance.com/claims/pg.jsp?page=claims

Conifer Insurance Company

Home Office (Toll-Free): (866) 412-2424
New Claims (Toll-Free): (877) 263-6468
For Claims: http://www.coniferinsurance.com/claims/